National Aircraft Appraiser's Association Aircraft Appraisal Report

Name: James L. Lewis
Attention: Joe Gullino
Company: Jefferson Electric Company Inc.
Phone: 913 782 7780
Address: 18324 S.W. Hallmark Street P.O. Box 3342 Olathe , KS 66070

Aircraft Identification

Make: PIPER AIRCRAFT COMPANY     Model: PA 28R 200

Serial No. 28R-78235083     Reg. No. N46D     Yr. Mfg. 1972

Type of Aircraft: Single Engine Piston

Airframe Total Time: 3179 Hrs.     No. Landings: N/A     Cycles: N/A

Airframe Condition: High Average

Log Books in Aircraft Appear: Original.

Comments: This airplane appears to be well maintained and no corrosion was noted during the inspection of the external surfaces of the aircraft. The cowling, cabin door and baggage doors all appear to fit properly. The controls were unlocked and they moved freely and properly. There was no indication of fuel or oil leakage.

The Airframe and Engine logs are complete and legible. There is an AD listing attached to the end of the Airframe log book. The aircraft Hobbs meter was replaced at 1,967 hours total time.

Maintenance Status

Maintenance Annual Date: 3/9/97     On Progressive Inspection: No.

Comments: Routine items accomplished during the last Annual Inspection.

Time Life Limited Systems: No.     Cycle Life Limited Systems: No.

Comments: ELT was replaced 12/95. IFR re-certification was accomplished 1/3/96.

Service Bulletin Status: Many Service Bulletins and Service Letters are referred to in the log books as being complied with.

AD's Complied With: Yes.     Estimated Cost for AD's Compliance: N/A

Tires Condition: Average     Type Brakes: Disk     Anti-Skid: No

Exterior Paint Condition: High Average

Repaint Date: N/A Repainted By: N/A

Comments: Paint is adhering well except for the wing leading edge surface which shows some erosion wear. No log entries noted for paint. The cowling has been repainted and is a slightly different shade of white. The trim has not been repainted on the cowling.

Interior Condition: Very Good     Cabin Configuration: Passenger

Cockpit Condition: Very Good     Panel Layout: Good

Pressurized Cabin: No.     Window Condition: Average

Comments: The interior is very pleasing to the eye. The log books verify that the interior was refurbished on 7/23/93. There are no tears or stains in the fabrics or carpet.

Airframe Modifications

Date of Modification: 6/27/79
Modification: Low profile headrests front and rear.

Date of Modification: 10/3/86
Modification: Standby vacuum system (Precise Flight).

Damage History

Current Damage: None Listed.

Damage Event: 6/8/88     Extent of Damage: Moderate
Repairs: Aircraft was involved in a hard landing. The right wing was removed for repair at 1,921 hours total time. No details of the extent of the repair was reported in the documentation that was presented to this appraiser. The Yellow tag for the wing was issued by Williams Airmotive, Kendallville, Indiana.

Damage Event: 5/2/89     Extent of Damage: Moderate
Repairs: Aircraft was involved in a hard landing. A Ferry Permit was issued by the FAA for a flight from Little Rock, Arkansas to Kendallville, Indiana where the left wing was removed for repair. No details of the extent of the repair was reported in the documentation that was presented to this appraiser. The Yellow tag was issued by Williams Airmotive.

The engine and mount were removed for inspection following the sudden stoppage. The engine and prop were overhauled. The lower cowl was replaced with new and several integral nose wheel parts were replaced with new.

Engines & Props

Engine Manufacturer: Lycoming     Model: IO-360-C1C

Engine Type: Piston

Engine Fire Detection: No.     Engine Fire Bottles: No.

Prop Reversers: No.

Prop Type: Constant Speed.     Propeller TBO: 2000

Engine #1 Serial No: L-21789-51-A

Time Since Field OH: 773 Hrs.

Engine Overhauled By: Bob Myers Aviation - Venice, Florida
Recommended TBO: 2000

Comments: This engine is original. It was overhauled on 5/15/89. Logs indicate that there have been no major repairs to it since then.

Propeller Make: Hartzell     Model: HC-C2YK-1BF     Number of Blades: 2

TSO/NEW: 235     Date O/H: 5/2/95     Serial Number: CH 5647

Engine Modifications

Date of Modification: 6/27/89

Modification: Brackett Oil Filter.

Known Maintenance Problems with Engine(s): None known or reported

Estimated Cost to Repair: $0

General Engine Comments: None.


Full Panel: Yes.     Dual Panel: No.

Panel Configurations: Average.     Panel Condition: Good.

IFR Equipped: Yes.    

Comments: The instrument panel is a single-pilot IFR type and the gauges are logically arranged within the viewing range of the pilot. All installations appear to be to factory specifications.


Type of Avionic: NAV-COMM

Mfg: KING     Model: KX 170     Channels: 200/360
Mfg: KING     Model: KX 170 B     Channels: 200/720

Type of Avionic: DME

Mfg: NARCO     Model: DME 890

Type of Avionic: ILS

Mfg: KING     Model: KI 201
Mfg: KING     Model: KI 209

Type of Avionic: MARKER BEACON

Mfg: KING     Model: KMA 20

Type of Avionic: TRANSPONDERS

Mfg: KING     Model: KT 76A

Type of Avionic: ADF

Mfg: NARCO     Model: PDF 35

Type of Avionic: AUTOPILOTS


The Avionics On This Aircraft Are Considered To Be: Average.

Additional Equipment

Dual Controls: Yes.     Type: Yoke.

Stall Warning System: Yes.     Stick Shaker: No.

Rotating Beacon: No.     Strobe Light: Yes.

Taxi Lights: Yes.     Identification Lights: No.

Long Range Fuel: No.     Aux Fuel Qty: N/A

Single Point Refuel: No.

Toilet: No.     Lavatory: No.

Galley: No.     Cabinetry: No.

Other Equipment: Avionics master.

Comments: The instruments are clear and easy to read. No hazing or cloudiness noted in glass.

De-Icing Systems

Known Ice System: No.     Ice Lights: No.

Prop De-Ice: No.     De-Ice Type: None.

Wing Tail Boots: No.     Boots Condition: N/A

Windshield De-Ice: No.     Windshield Wipers: None.

Jet Intake De-Ice: No.     Pilot Heat: Yes.

Comments: This type of aircraft typically would not be equipped for icing conditions.

Aircraft Appraisers Comments

This aircraft is being stored outdoors. It is used as a rental aircraft and is flown regularly. The basis for the Aircraft's maintenance is the Annual Inspection and 100 Hour Inspection system with 50 hour oil changes. Its Standard Airworthiness Certificate was issued 1/7/72. The electric boost pump was replaced with an overhauled unit on 3/1/96. The alternator was replaced 8/18/96.

This aircraft, N46D, was personally inspected on: 5/1/97 by: James T. Oberlin, member of the National Aircraft Appraisers Association at: Johnson County Executive Airport, located at Olathe, Johnson County, Kansas.

Appraisal Computation

Average Green Aircraft Value                                    $23,950

Add for Airframe Condition                                      $1,200

Add for Airframe Low Total Time                                 $0

Add for Annual and Mandatory Inspection                         $410

Add for Exterior Paint Value                                    $2,560

Add for Interior Value                                          $2,470

Add for Airframe & Engine Modifications                         $1,890

Add for Engine(s) Residual Value                                $5,640

Add for Propeller(s) Residual Value                             $2,210

Add for Avionics Value                                          $7,650

Add for De-Ice Systems Value                                    $0

Add for Additional Equipment                                    $0


Total Additions                                                 $24,030


Deduct for Airframe Condition                                   $0                                                                  

Deduct for Airframe High Total Time                             $0

Deduct for Damage History                                      -$3,450

Deduct for Airframe/Engine Maintenance Items                    $0

Deduct for Interior Value                                       $0

Deduct for AD's Estimated Cost for AD Compliance                $0 


Total Deductions                                               -$3,450  

Based on the above, the computed retail value of N46D is        $44,530

National Aircraft Appraisers Association P.O. Box 528, Hillsboro Missouri 63050

The information herein has been prepared from many sources and is believed to be correct. The National Aircraft Appraisers Association does not warrant the accuracy of the source material. In the event of error or omission, the liability of the Association, or Association Members, if any, is limited and may not, in any event, exceed the amount paid for the appraisal. Further, the National Aircraft Appraisers Association accepts no responsibility for usage of this form unless signed by an officer or current Member of the Association and the Association Appraising Seal affixed. This inspection and inventory was conducted by a physical examination of the external surfaces of the aircraft, the cockpit and the passenger cabin: along with an inventory and assessment of the condition of avionics, instrumentation and aircraft systems. No inspection plates were removed for internal inspection. Further, the log books and other aircraft records were carefully examined for compliance with FAA regulation relating to Airworthiness Directives, damage and maintenance history, along with other required inspections and signatures. All aircraft records were presumed to be authentic, unaltered, and signatures and inspections therein by persons designated and appropriately licensed. AD compliance was attested to by referencing the date of last Annual Inspection or other appropriate Inspection.

James T. Oberlin
Certified Aircraft Appraiser

National Aircraft Appraisers Association Certificate of Appraisal

A visual inspection and log book analysis was performed 5/1/97 on the aircraft N46D at: Johnson County Executive Airport, located at: Olathe, Kansas. It is the opinion of this appraiser that the fair market value of the above aircraft is:


This appraisal is valid when accompanied by work sheet number #19970527N46D and validated with the appraisal seal of the NATIONAL AIRCRAFT APPRAISERS ASSOCIATION.

SIGNED _______________________________
James T. Oberlin